Cancellation Policy

*Lessons are held consecutively (unless otherwise arranged).

*At least 24 hours notice is required to cancel lessons. This is minimum. More notice given the better!

*ANY lesson not attended and without the required notice given, is due for payment in full.

*Multiple lessons missed (with or without notice given) could result in termination of lessons.

*Lateness will result in your lesson time being reduced accordingly.

*In the event that I can not make a lesson, at least 24 hours notice will be given.

*All lesson fees paid in advance are forfeited in the case of student absence.

*Catch up lessons are possible dependant on my availability.

Food for thought:

– By booking a lesson time you have committed to legitimate music education. You have also booked my time.
– Lessons are far more effective if they are attended consistently.
– I have a waiting list of students who are patiently waiting for a spot!